Best Quality Chocolates

Chocolate is one of the yummiest treat and liked by everyone. It is good idea to celebrate your happy moments with chocolate instead of sweets. Chocolate is made of cocoa (cocoa butter and plant oil) and powdered sugar. There are several types of chocolates according to proportion of cocoa. Following elements are commonly used in chocolate industry:

  • Chocolate Liquor is the crushed or liquid state of the nib of the cacao bean
  • Cocoa Butter is the fat component
  • Cocoa Powder is the non-fat part of the cacao bean which is crushed into a powder

Best quality chocolates are best options to give as birthday gifts. Chocolate is most delighted treat in corporate world also. Employers like to give branded corporate chocolates to their employees and clients as gift. These chocolates are available in very beautiful gift packs. Chocolates are available in different shapes, colors and sizes to attract almost all ages of people. Branded corporate chocolates are considered as prestigious gifts.

Today I am going to tell you about some best quality chocolates which can be used to send as branded corporate chocolates gifts:

Amedei Chuao

It is an Italian chocolate which is highly liked due to its unique shape and taste. Alessio Tessieriis the owner of Amedei Chuao. These chocolates can be given as branded corporate chocolates gifts. Unique flavor of this chocolate make it prominent among other chocolates.

Valrhona Chocolate

It is one of the favorite branded corporate chocolates throughout the world. This chocolate is served with pastries in different restaurants. This chocolate is available in different flavors such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate, pure cocoa etc.

LA Maison du Chocolat

This chocolate is available in different flavors. These chocolates are found in Paris, New York and London but you can also get this chocolate through online source. LA Maison du Chocolat are available in beautiful packs therefore itcan be given as branded corporate chocolate gifts.

Gianduja Chocolate

It is European style of chocolate made of hazelnuts, nuts, almond and cocoa paste. This chocolate is available in different varieties such as milk and dark chocolates. This chocolate can easily be molded or cut at room temperature due to its softness.

Different companies put logos of their organization on chocolate for marketing purpose. This is really a good idea to promote your business because these branded corporate chocolates will circulate in different business groups.